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Mr M. Krishna Murthy, Retired Chief Engineer APTRANCO, worked in Thermal Power stations VTPS and Distribution Sector in different Cadres.

Mr Krishna Served in A.P.S.E.B for 32 years since 1973 in Different cadres and sectors like Distribution, Thermal & Transmission wings.

He posses Vast experience in Thermal Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution Sector and executed several high Prestigious Projects at TRANSCO Andhra Pradesh.


Online Services

A team of professionals having 20-25 years experience in various fields of power plants equipments like’s turbines, boilers; cooling towers, Water treatment; Electrical and Instrumentation relating to Power plants have formed this BALAJI POWERTECH CONSULTANCY.

One of our prime focusing services   is online services such as equipment trouble shooting, daily base energy effiency auditing…..

  • In house experts in various fields may not be present in all the power plants.
  • Minimize the time consumption.
  • Provides the immediate and accurate solutions.
  • Many of the problems are interdependent, for an example, If a motor is overloaded the reason for this may be either mechanical side or electrical side ……etc. For sorting these type of problem there is a need of experts from different fields. M/s Balaji Power Tech consultancy provides a group of experts of various fields at a time to sort the problem.
  • Hiring of experts for all the fields is highly expensive especially for small power plants. We provide the solutions at economic rate.
Service is available any time when ever your required i.e. 7 X24 hrs
+ What type of Services Provide?
  • Trouble shooting of equipment
  • Energy efficient auditing on daily basis
  • Maintains of consistency of the equipment efficiency
  • Any modification required
  • Enhancing the capacity of the plant
  • Improving the efficiency
  • Long time online services
+ Is it Economical?
Yes, we provide the service at economical rate


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