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Mr M. Krishna Murthy, Retired Chief Engineer APTRANCO, worked in Thermal Power stations VTPS and Distribution Sector in different Cadres.

Mr Krishna Served in A.P.S.E.B for 32 years since 1973 in Different cadres and sectors like Distribution, Thermal & Transmission wings.

He posses Vast experience in Thermal Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution Sector and executed several high Prestigious Projects at TRANSCO Andhra Pradesh.



2. Operation & Maintenance
2.2 Conventional Captive/Independent power plant ------- Service Details
Service Code 2.2.1

Our expert team shall verify the equipments by daily log sheets sent by client through E-mail every day. If we find any deviation then our expert team shall probe the cause of deviation and will suggest remedial actions by investigating all possible angles of solutions based on your log sheets data.

Our team shall report daily  Cycle Efficiency, Station Heat Rate, Heat rate of Turbine and Boiler Efficiency based on the data in log sheets.

This service helps in understanding and cross examining the conditions of the equipment & correctness of the equipment and to take immediate remedial actions to keep the equipment healthy.

We offer this service at INR 15000/- per month excluding the taxes. Min package offered is for six months

Service Code 2.2.2

In addition to the service 1, one of our experts shall visit your plant once in a month to inspect the condition of the equipment and to check the operation & maintenance of the plant to sort out deviations.

Report will be submitted in four days after the visit.

The main advantage of this service  is cross verification of maintenance and condition of the plant, you can get expert service to rectify any deviations.

Our charges for Service 2 is 35,000/- per month plus taxes. Excluding boarding & conveyance. Minimum package is offered for six months only.

Service Code 2.2.3

Our expert team shall visit the plant/s and recommend the modification for improvement of plant efficiency by studying  each equipment design and operating parameter. We shall investigate in all possible angles to enhance the efficiency of plant including auxiliary consumption reduction. Scope of service is including   the supervision of modification.

We will intimate the charges after the plant visit.  Our charges are linked with the results obtained.
Service Code 2.2.4

In addition to service 3, we will also take up the modification job on turnkey basis.  Our charges are linked with the monthly savings against bank guarantee. 

Our charges shall be intimated after the visit of the plant.

Service Code 2.2.5

One of our experts will be deputed at your site to monitor/supervise the plant operations and to keep the plant at higher efficiency on mutually agreed levels, and to minimise the forced breakdown.  He can also attend the trouble shooting immediately.

Our charges: 1, 50,000/- per month.

Service Code 2.2.6

Monthly operation and maintenance of Captive/Independent Power Plant up to 15 MW on mutually agreed efficiency parameter.

Service charges: 10, 00,000/- per Month.